Concept Is Born

Saint and Stitch is a new company with old values. Headquartered in London and wit locations in India and Singapore, we carry inherent British traditionalism forward with contemporary designs reflecting the tastes and pursuits of each regional milieu.Our name mirrors the ethos. The first half refers to Thomas Saint, the man who founded British tailoring in 1790 with his invention of the world’s first sewing machine. The second half honors the ultimate element of tailoring- STITCH.

Brand Promise

Old World Craftsmanship Meets New World Design

The Saint & Stitch shirt is a masterpiece of individualized luxury, fit, comfort and style that no ready-to-wear shirt can equal. Experience a shirt that revives the fine tailoring of an era when British style ruled the world, and a gentleman of status and power was recognized as such — from London to Singapore — by the impeccable quality of his attire. Wear designs that correspond to the tastes and requirements of the 21st century’s global citizen. The best of both worlds: for the man who values the elegance of tradition, but lives for the luxury of today.

What Sets It Apart: The Craftsmanship